It’s 2020, and things are going to be a bit different from this point onwards. The introduction of AI and machine learning has drastically enhanced Google’s ability to adapt to search queries. As a search optimization services expert, it’s our duty to keep you updated about recent happenings in the industry.

Unlike the past where keywords were everything, things are changing. While Google and other search engines’ algorithms are still in their infancy, they’re adapting quickly. Google, in particular, is getting better at sentiment intent –deciphering the intentions behind your search queries- and providing just what you need.

Admittedly, the tech is nowhere near as powerful as it can be, but still, it’s interesting to watch. What this means for you, as a website owner, is that you have to adapt, and follow practices or trends that will help you stay in the game.
To that end, here are the strategies you should be focusing on this year if you want to increase your online visibility and enjoy a ton of traffic in the process.

Smart Link Building

You’re probably doing some link building right now. And while that may be working for now, Google is actively seeking ways to downplay the importance of links in search engine rankings. This is because it’s easy to game and manipulate.

We’ve heard many people say that links were built into the foundations of Google’s algorithm, so there’s no way it’ll ever go away.

But here’s the thing, Google can minimize its effects, thus making links a negligible part of your ranking signal. How about that?! They just haven’t found something to replace that with. When they do, you bet they’ll do that.

So, what are your options here? Get smart with your link building. It’s not enough to just solicit or request backlinks, you need to be integrated into your community and industry. Extend your reach and influence across all types of networks online.

This way, your brand not only gets built, but the search engines will find enough mentions and references of you, that you’ll end up at the top for target keywords.

Content Marketing

One of the reasons this isn’t so popular is because of the amount of work involved. Unfortunately, most website owners can’t see past the work. There’s a huge well of unlimited opportunities on the other side of that work.

A top of the line content piece will perform for years. We’re talking 5-10 years. If you want to continue playing in this field in 5 years, now is the time to massively invest in content.

And by content, we mean epic content that’ll serve as resources and guides that people will link to and reference for the foreseeable future.

Create highly informative and exhaustive content. But, do the smart thing, and break them down into bite-sized chunks that people can digest quickly. So, instead of hour-long videos, break them down into 10-minute parts.

User Experience

Your website’s looks, functionality, speed, ease of navigation, copy, and calls to action are important for user experience. You need to have all these figured out very quickly. Make sure your website’s page load speed is very fast (3-5 seconds tops).

Ensure the website is easily navigable. If you have any doubts about what this means, here’s a rule of thumb to follow: visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for on your site in 3 clicks or less.

Pay attention to how gorgeous your website looks, and make sure it renders properly across all devices.

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