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SEO can be very powerful and transformative for your business. It can be the difference between four-figure and six-figure monthly revenues. A seasoned SEO specialist from Central Florida can help you do this by simply identifying and deploying crucial elements that will help your website rank better.

If you’re interested in getting more website traffic from the search engines, then you’ll need to do the following:

Carry Out Frequent Sitewide SEO Testing

The best ranking and performing websites are always testing out key elements on the site. It could be the navigation, the calls to action, the copy, the meta tags, page titles, and many more.

All expert SEOs know that consistent testing is not only important for boosting rankings on the search engines, they’re also important for conversion rates. Here’s the truth: if you’re ranked for highly competitive keywords, but have a poor copy, you will experience a higher bounce rate.


Google hates this. Plus, you’ll end up not converting as well as you should. So, test out every element. A/B testing is fantastic for your website element testing. This way, you can tell which improvements will produce the most rewarding benefits.

Backlinks are a Must-Have

Even though Google seems to be downplaying the importance of backlinks, the reality is they are very crucial to your search engine rankings. They just have to be high quality to have a lot of impacts. So, start building backlinks from high-quality websites and resources.

Backlinks from high quality and authority websites are often considered better and will increase your search engine rankings. Those from poor quality websites though will tank your rankings.

Google and other search engines place a lot of priority on link neighborhood. So, you have to be sure that your backlinks are from solid and highly regarded websites.

Improve Website URL Structure To Help On-page SEO

It’s a small thing, but it does go a long way. You want shorter, more succinct URLs after your domain name than long, alphanumeric letters.

The former will help the search see your website’s relevance for those keywords, and push your website up the rankings for them. The more specific and tailored the website URL structure, the better.

Just be careful not to keyword-stuff those URLs so you don’t get penalized by the search engines.

Carry Out a Website Redesign

There are two scenarios where a website redesign can help your website enjoy higher search engine rankings. The first is if the site was designed a long time ago, thus making the designs outdated. Or, the website just needs to be better built.

Whatever the case, redesigning and updating your website’s looks can transform your ranking results. This is because a new design can improve user experience, create better linking structure, and much more.

Do Not Buy Expired Domains with Poor Link Profile

Remember when we talked about bad linked neighborhoods above? Well, this also applies to buy expired domains. Done correctly, an expired domain can easily start ranking within months of it being re-registered.

The problem with that though is, it only works when you have a solid link profile –links from high profile, high authority websites. If the link profile is poor or has a lot of bad neighborhood links, your website may never rank.

The only way that might work is if you actively disavow the links and build new ones. But then, that defeats the point of buying an expired domain, you might as well just buy a fresh one.

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