Are you thinking about updating your website but don’t know what to do? If yes, then this blog post should effectively help you do so.

Smart business and website owners who do this are bound to enjoy increased search engine rankings, higher traffic volume, and improved conversion rates.

The following are proven ways to update your website and improve its ranking, traffic, and conversion.

Start with a Link Audit

What’s your website’s link profile? How many links do you have pointing to it? How many of them are from high authority websites? Do you have links from spammy sites? How about broken links? Do you have any?

What’s your website’s internal linking structure like? These are all questions that you’ll need to figure out. And once you have the answers, it’s time to start cleaning out your link profile.

Start by disavowing spammy links. These do nothing positive for your website’s rankings. If anything, they may be impacting your site’s rankings negatively. Do a link profile analysis for your website and that of your competitors to ascertain how much more links you’ll need to beat them.

Here’s a shortcut that can help you catch up with them very quickly. Find out where their links are from, and then go look for those exact same sites or similar ones to place your links on.

Check the Site Content

You need to start updating your website for increased relevance. Google is big on promoting websites with recent content and relevance. So, if you haven’t created any content recently, now is the time to start.

If you feel like there’s no new information, just update the old ones and add a new post date. This automatically tells Google that your website has been updated for recent content. And since they’re looking to feature new content, they’ll rank your site for that.

Also, start posting blogs frequently, but do it based on industry standards. There’s only so much you can write about HVAC for instance before it starts becoming redundant.

But, whatever the case, find ways to publish frequently.

Pay Attention to Add-Ons and Extensions

WordPress based sites often run on add-ons and plugins. These extensions provide much-needed robustness that aids the website’s performance. The problem with them though is you’ll need to consistently keep these updated so hackers don’t take advantage of the flaws.

So, go through the list of plugins running and powering your website, and see how they’re performing. If they need to be updated, please do that immediately. The good thing is most, if not all of them have one-click install capabilities. So, there’s no need to know any programming or coding in order to keep them updated.

In fact, we recommend checking these every week to prevent any security vulnerabilities.  

Consider a Site Redesign

Is your website looking dated? The quickest way to find out about this is by looking at other websites in your niche or industry. If your website looks old compared to theirs, you need a site redesign ASAP.

This is because an old looking website communicates abandonment, unprofessionalism, and carelessness to website visitors. This ultimately translates into a lack of trust in your capabilities, even if you’re the best at that in your area.

Check for Page Speed and UX

How fast does your website load? If it takes more than 5 seconds, you need to fix that quickly. No one has the time to wait around for your website to load. Also, tweak the calls to action on your site for improved conversion rates. This not only includes text but also colors, banners, tabs, and surrounding text.

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