Digital Marketing Strategies

Return on investment, or ROI, is one of the most commonly used profitability ratios. If your business makes a total net profit of $100,000 and your total asset is $400,000, your ROI is the profit divided by the total asset or 25%. ROI is an important ratio because it lets you know if your assets or investment is worthwhile – you don’t want having assets worth $1,000,000 getting you a profit of $100,000 (ROI of 10%) as this would mean you are seating on assets that could be used productively elsewhere. Other than profits, the return can also be reduced expenses or such intangible benefits as increased brand awareness or improved operating efficiencies.

Businesses today use different approaches to improve their ROI. These include offering competitive prices, giveaways, and other incentives, producing products that give customers meaningful value, personalizing the way they communicate with customers and automation. With most businesses having an online presence today and most people using the Internet to search for and buy products and services, digital marketing services are vital for improved ROI for any business. So, how does a digital marketing strategy help improve your ROI?

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Why a Digital Marketing Expert Looks at Web Design First?

A good digital marketing strategy will start by designing a website for you. A good website is responsive (works for both PCs and mobile devices), has quick loading times, and is optimized for search engines and visitors alike. A good website is good for your ROI in that it captures leads, nurtures them, and turns them into sales. A good website helps build your brand and it should, therefore, have all the characteristics of your business such as honesty, quick response to queries, quality content, and attractive design.

Chatbot Marketing

Chatbot marketing involves the use of automated chatbots to help in taking orders and in setting appointments. A good chatbot strategy helps improve your bounce rate by keeping the visitor on your site longer and converting more leads into sales. Today’s customer expects some interaction while on your website and since it is not always possible to have a live person answering queries 24/7, a chatbot is an inexpensive yet efficient way to improve your ROI. Not having to hire a big team to respond to queries is good for your bottom line.

Targeted Traffic Through Local SEO and PPC

Digital marketing gives you targeted traffic. Strategies like PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and local SEO (search engine optimization) allow you to reach people who are more likely to buy from you, thereby helping you maximize your advertising dollars. With PPC, only those who click on ads pointing to your landing page will visit your site while local SEO targets the specific area where you have a presence. Traditional marketing methods like TV and radio ads and billboards reach out to the masses.

Social Media Digital Marketing

There are billions of people on social media today. Take advantage of this with social media marketing (SMM). As an example, Facebook offers sponsored ads that allow you to target a specific customer base. Other than Ads, the SMM strategy should include captions with hashtags, images, leveraging on trending topics, and use of popular keywords on scheduled posts.

SMM helps your business grow by generating brand awareness and by increasing website traffic. By maintaining a social media presence, you get an opportunity to interact with your customers and potential customers, reducing the costs associated with customer service. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all give your business incredible exposure on a global level. There is always a chance that your posts will go viral with SMM, bringing you exponential traffic.

Lead Generation

Lead generation marketing, as the term suggests, is all about bringing traffic to your site. A good lead generation strategy should be targeted and should focus on conversion. Email marketing is one of the oldest lead generation strategies, but it remains one of the most effective. It involves the creation of a mailing list that has opt-in and opt-out options and sending regular emails to the mailing list, all with important information and links to your site.

Reach a Greater Audience with SEO

Every good digital marketing company will have a robust search engine optimization (SEO) service, both on-page, and off-page. SEO allows you to reach more people. It involves the use of such techniques as link building, the use of XML sitemaps, and the creation of quality, keyword-optimized content to increase the ranking of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs). Most people only click on what is in the first few SERPs.

Digital Marketing

Video Marketing

Human beings are visual creatures. Video marketing is a powerful tool, with studies showing that people watch over 5 billion videos a day. Regular well-thought-out videos lasting 30 to 60 seconds posted on your site and social media channels help increase sales and conversion. You could have instructive videos guiding buyers on how to use your product/service (explainer or whiteboard videos) or 3D avatar promotional videos detailing what you have to offer and inviting potential customers. Other options are testimonial videos by past clients and even entertaining videos.

Business Listing Services

Business listing allows you to place your business on a directory in a specific category. An interested person who requires a particular product or service will see your listing and call or click on a link to your website. Managing your own listings is time-consuming and takes a lot of your time. A digital marketing expert will help you organize your different listings in one convenient dashboard. With business listings and all digital marketing strategies, it is important to keep a tab of the KPIs as this will help you make informed decisions.

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