Why you should hire SEO services and what is SEO all about?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEO agencies like ours use this strategy to rank sites on Google.  Here is the SEO definition that Wikipedia gives, the process of manipulating the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. There is a diagram below that will give you more of a visual look.


SEO Marketing Company

You have the paid ads usually first Google moves them all the time they were on the side too at one time. Then you have organic listings and that’s what you’re looking for. We used to say it was the free way back when I started working on websites. But even then, it wasn’t free it is a ton of hard work for certain keywords and nowadays there is a ton of competition for those keywords.

But here’s my opinion Google and Facebook are starting to charge so much for these keywords on their adds it’s worth it to spend money on SEO marketing for the long haul. Here’s why, the cost of paid advertising is going out of site in my opinion, it is more sustainable and will be more profitable to use SEO marketing.

Why use an SEO Agency?

SEO changes daily it seems like sometimes, so you want an SEO expert that keeps up with the times and know when to slow down and wait. Know what keywords to go for to get you traffic quicker and what keywords to work on that have a ton of traffic that may take longer.

SEO Optimization on Your Website

This is huge doing SEO on-page optimization on your website. One tip I can give you here is picking a subject or keyword and have some related keywords that you want to use in your article. Look at this article. What is it about?  SEO right! You have to tell Google what it is about, or you will never make the first page. If you start on one subject and go to another subject Google will get confused and you won’t get the correct rankings for the article.

I remember back in the day Gurus would tell you to blog or do a 90-day challenge but 90% of people just talked about nothing and never seen any page one status.

The structure of your site is very important too if you have a bad structure it really hurts your rankings and Google can’t crawl your site very well.

I want to leave you with this if you want to rank your website you need SEO. If you want more customers, you need an SEO marketing company to help you navigate through the white hat way and the black hat way. If you want more sales, grab up one of our premade SEO services.

Check out our new Premade SEO Packages I think you will really love them. If you want more power to your campaign we have it with some upgrades you can really build a massive campaign.

If you don't market your website you will never be found.

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