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Are you searching for new ways to increase your sales and improve your marketing strategies? Then it is time to create better content pillars and we can help you achieve this goal. Pillar pages are the most important pages of your website and they include information about your business or the products that you sell. It is important to get SEO services that can help you increase your sales and connect with many potential customers. Allow us to clarify your doubts regarding pillar pages and help you improve the content you post on your website. 

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Types of Pillar Pages

Before making a pillar page, you need to know what types of pillar pages there are. There are two popular types of pillar pages which are the following:


Pillar Pages for Resources

These pages will have basic information about your business or products. Your visitors will refer to this page to solve problems to find useful resources. It will include links to sites on your page and to other websites. It might seem counterproductive to send your visitors to external sites but it improves your SEO.


Content Pillars

Pillar Pages with 10X Content

A 10X page will include everything you need to know about your products or your business. You must make sure that all the information related to the topics is included on these pages. 

You have to make a decision and choose the type of pillar page that better suits your type of business and start creating great content that will increase visits and improve your google ranking. 

Create Appropriate Topic Clusters

Your pillar page will require topic clusters that can expand a certain topic of your pillar page. These clarify any doubts that users may have. Search engines value topic clusters and improve your ranking. You can create content or add other types of media to your page such as blogs, videos, ebooks, among others. Topic clusters should have a direct connection to your content. Remember that your pillar must be linked to the topic cluster and the topic cluster to your pillar content. 

Recommendations For your Content Pillars

  • Make them as organized as possible. Don't rush with these, dedicate some time to make awesome pillar pages full of useful information for your potential customers. 
  • Improve your google rankings with great pillar content. Become an expert in your line of business and rank in the first positions. 
  • Create a user-friendly site that will make visitors into customers. 
  • All the information that you put on your website needs to be placed there with a purpose. Unuseful content or messy information just scares away visitors. 


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