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Local Businesses Need GMB

Here is what Google says in my own words. Google is telling you to set up a GMB and if you don’t know what that is it is Google My Business. The photo up top shows you what they call the 3 pack. These are the top three listings and that is where you want to be listed. Why do you ask? Most people searching for something are lazy and they know that Google only puts the top choices at the top.

Here’s what Google has to say “Local results appear for people who search for businesses and places near their location.” Here’s something I do all the time especial if you live in a large town or are visiting a large area that you know nothing about. I pick up my phone for example and use Google assist and say where is the closest McDonald’s and I get the 3 closest listings to my location. Can you see how powerful that is? You can get customers that are in the area that may have never found you.

With the Local GMB you are set up with Google maps. Here’s a tip if you want to set this up for yourself. This tip has to do with your address and all your other properties like Facebook, Business listings and so on. Make sure they all match your Google local GMB. Highly Important.

Improve Local GMB Rankings

While we are working on your campaign each month we are increasing your brand’s prominence and relevance, and online visibility. Each month we work on your campaign tasks according to our Local SEO flowchart to insure better ranking more customers with a better ROI.

The first month is a lot of audits checking the address, phone numbers, any kind of duplicates really a lot of technical stuff so that everything is correct and the work we do going forward will start ranking your site without any problems or concerns. Plus a lot more of proprietory strategies that I can’t talk about, goes into your first month.

I’m sure you can understand that if we show you we would also be show you competitors SEO team and they would just do the say thing and you wouldn’t ever get rankings higher than them. You will get a lot of links from all kinds of source and we will give you a report so you can watch your progress each month.

As we move through the next month and moving forward each month different actions will be taken. You are our client and we want you to be happy and the reports you get will help you see the improvements we are making are helping your business grow each month.

If you buy this product please keep reading on for more information.

**This product is monthly so if you want to cancel please let us know a week in advance please, once it is charged there is nothing we can do till the next month but we guarantee you will love the service you will be around for a long time.**


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First of all, thank you for purchasing 1 of our products we really appreciate you trusting us with the business we hope to build a great relationship with you and bring you a lot more customers.

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Upgrade Your Local GMB and Maps Campaign

Authority Booster Links 

  1. Basic guest post
  2. 10 Tier 2 network links for the guest posts
  3.  Do-follow News links
  4. 20 tier 2 network links for brand docs

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