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If you know anything about SEO you know that Google does not like you moving super quick. They want things to happen naturally. So our team of SEO experts put this Local SEO package together to accelerate your Local GMB. Kick Start Marketing Agency is giving you a whole 6 months of monthly work in just 60 days. This will ramp up your ranking incredibly fast on your GMB. The campaign starts off with SEO audits, on-page optimization and link building with different sources or properties.

Everything that is done from month 1 to month six will all be done in just 60 days. Although we can’t tell you everything we are doing because of proprietary strategies. You will receive a report showing you the campaigns that were done and what your progress is looking like from day 1 till you get the report. This is an excellent product if you want to move fast and see faster results.



Here’s the reason if you don’t understand why we can’t give you the details of SEO services. Let’s say you are a plumber and you want to be on the 3 pack at the top. Your competitor is already there. Let’s say we get you to the top and your competitor SEO team searches and finds out all the things we did in our campaign to beat them out. What do you think they will do? Right they will follow our system and then you will not be at the top anymore. A quick tip: I like to give you some value if you are reading the descriptions because I like to help my customers. The review is big in Google’s eyes so please do yourself a favor a strat asking your customers to give you a review of your services or products. If your collecting emails which you should be doing. You could send them an email with a review link and remind them to give you a review if you haven’t seen one from them yet. 2 important tips here let’s recap collect emails and ask for reviews.

How is Reviews Going To Help My Local SEO GMB

Google loves reviews in their eyes the people are saying hey we like this product or service and Google rewards you.

Here’s an instance where it may help your GMB SEO even more.

Let’s say you are a plumber again and you and your competition are running neck and neck for the top spot.

He has 56 reviews and you have 65 reviews and in most cases, Google will keep you in the first spot because more people are saying the like you better.

Hopefully, this helps you be aware of a few things you can do to help your business grow faster.


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