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We are excited and happy to announce our new Premade SEO packages take a look and see if these packages have what you want in your marketing efforts. If you want more check out all the related products to boost up your SEO packages. This is another way to build up your campaign each month. If you want more of a customized campaign you will have to contact us for a quote. I want to be upfront with you from the beginning. Our SEO agency wants you to know that with any marketing there is risk and SEO is no different Google controls all the cards. But we do things in a white hat way and will not hurt your website.

Let’s Introduce The Premade SEO Packages

  • Ultimate LevelThis is the one I suggest for 99% of our customers. Here’s why! SEO is a slower return on ROI and this premade SEO package is designed to get you some rankings but also bring in some traffic faster than most SEO campaigns other agencies do. The ultimate goal is to get you ranking the keywords you want on the first page and getting customers on your site. Our SEO product starts off with a very thorough audit of your site plus the structure of your site is looked at. On-page optimization is something that most website owners miss and it is very important to get the foundation of your website solid. When we start doing the link building and other elements of the campaign you will get the result and ranking that your website deserves. All websites need branding to gain popularity to let customers know who you are.

Off-page optimization is another element that you will get from this campaign. Plus 15 authority placements each month. Wow! $600. dollar value. Plus as the campaign moves forward we will send you reports.   The premade SEO package is highly recommended by our team of SEO experts for most websites. The reason for buying the premade SEO package over the other packages is you will get better results faster, you will be happier with the results and rankings you get. To really boost your SEO marketing project check into the add-on. Our team has made this package so it is not just a cookie-cutter package. You can customize it the way you want. The more you add on the more links and traffic you will get to your website and the faster your rankings will be. Kick Start Marketing is also proud to give you a bonus at this level. A premium business listing on my sister site. A $297 value.


  • Premium Level This level is pretty much the same as the except you only get 10 authority placements a month and you miss out on the bonus. Why we have added this level. If your site is older and you have had SEO work before and you just need a good boost each month this may be a good fit for you.


  • Essential LevelThis level only has 5 authority placements a month and you miss out on our bonus. We consider this more of a maintenance level SEO package. If this is the right fit for you we are happy to bring it to you.

***We have also made our packages so that you could customize them to your liking and to the amount of boost you want to add to your marketing. All the add-on will give you more links and traffic to your site for a better marketing experience. So check out the options there is one that is * required but if you don’t want the others you can just check out.***

If you have decided to purchase one of our premade SEO products please read on for more information.



Please Select One * 

This is another way to boost up your SEO package with even better content.
Brand mentions, Profiles, and Links use tier 1 articles and content

Add-On Monthly Content Creation

Optimized and Published Articles
Product Descriptions
Location Pages
Blog Posts

Add-On Local GMB and Maps SEO

If you are trying to improve your local GMB and Maps SEO package you can add this add-on with this package. If you want an extra boost. Check out the advanced GMB.

Boost Your Monthly Traffic With Basic Guest Posts

1,000 to 3000 monthly traffic with a minimum of 50 referring domains

Boost Your Monthly Traffic With Standard Guest Posts

3,000 to 7000 monthly traffic with a minimum of 75 referring domains

7000+ monthly traffic with a minimum of 100 referring domains


What is Your SEO Expectation? 

Do you want to hit the ground running or are you the slow and steady type? No matter we just want happy customers. If for any reason you don’t know which SEO service to pick go with the ultimate package or give us a call and we will be glad to help you in any way we can.  352-600-0811 Give us a call if you want a custom campaign.

Info We Will Need From You

With this kind of campaign, we will need some information from you and we may need to contact you a few times so please give us the best email and phone number and if we can text. This will help speed up your order. Your order will take all month to finish. If you add certain things it may take longer also. Just a heads up.

After you have paid for your order and we process it. May take a day we will send you out an email with an attached file so you can give us the information we need to get started. Complete that and sent it back and we will get started right away and thank you for purchasing one of our SEO services

Boost Your SEO Packages

If you are new to the internet I want you to understand something. Every link, every post, page, blog, social mention, social site that you are on is another window of opportunity of someone coming to your site, a sale or an email from a customer. That is some of what SEO Services can do for you. I will name the extra boost options below that you can add to your campaign to make it even stronger and open more opportunities for you. You can click on them and get more information.

Monthly Content Creation Boost

  1. Optimized and published content
  2. Location pages
  3. Blog posts

Local GMB and Maps SEO Boost

New and improved monthly local GMB and maps SEO Service.

Authority Booster Links

  1. Basic Guest Post – 1k to 3k organic traffic – (for target page)
  2. Do-Follow News Links (for brand mentions and inner pages)
  3. 20 Tier 2 Network Links (for brand mentions)

Basic Guest Posts Boost

Monthly traffic 1,000 to 3,000 with a minimum of 50 referring domains.

Standard Guest Posts Boost

Monthly traffic 3,000 to 7,000 with a minimum of 75 referring domains.

Premium Guest Posts Boost

Monthly traffic over 7,000 with a minimum of 100 referring domains.

Standard Press Release Boost

These are completely written for you and are distributed to 450 news and media sites.

Premium Press Release Boost

Guaranteed 400 + links brand and mention links from authority news sites and placement on Google News

Local VideoTraffic Boost

Ten videos are done with your special keywords and a thumbnail of your business and phone number.




Additional information

Package Level

Ultimate $2000, Premium $1600, Essentials $900


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